A measure of the randomness in a closed system.

Bringing a little chaos to your order...

19 May 1970
Hey, if you've always wanted to buy me a present but you didn't know what to get, I made an Amazon wish list! Ask me about it!

Here's some little known stuff about me:
I really love bacon. My friends call me "monkey". I have a three book a week habit. I own way too much footwear. Guinness is my favorite beer. I wield the mini Morningstar of Doom. I like logic puzzles. Unrequited love seems to be my specialty. I was extremely shy as a child. I know both how to knit and how to weld. Dopey is my favorite of the seven dwarfs. I'm teaching myself how to speak Norwegian. I have a battle hammer and I'm not afraid to use it. I am an amateur radio operator. I have an extremely low tolerance for bullshit. I love sapphires, even though they are not my birthstone. Glamdring and Excalibur both live in my home. My favorite color is yellow. And I almost never listen to music.



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